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The People's People Magazine

mission Statement

Jeff Jones

Tenor saxophonist,composer,producer,director

Jeff jones founded "The People's people",and "The Voice of the people publishing company in 1974 in an effort to contribute aid to people without a voice,by way of music and the arts.

With the release of the first recording of original music composed by Jeff entitled "The People's People Present "The spirit of David" in 1976,Jeff began the free concert series "Jazz In The Park" in Oakland,Ca.

In 1978 a book of poetry and prose was published by Vantage Press New York,and "The Voice Of The People Publishing company.

This book contained the works of Jeff Jones in a volume entitled "Things I've Thought and Often said",or "The Ghetto survival handbook".

Also in 1978 Jeff Jones was featured in the Anthology Of american Poetry,
again published ny Vantage Press New York.

In 2006 Jeff Released "THe House Of Jeffness" published by The Voice Of The People Publishing Company.

This CD is now available on iTunes,CDbaby,New Artists online,indiecentric,indie 911,,and playpay

Many internet radio stations worldwide are playing this CD daily,and offers to air a dvd have been received from TV stations including NPR stations nationwide

Today Mr. Jones continues to inform and entertain,and is currently seeking ways to find and promote new artists.

Jeff Jones

Whats it all about


The People's  People magazine is a showcase for:
Bands , Singers , and independent artists of all genre.
Independent Music Promotion
To see and hear some of the best up and coming entertainment
Please visit:
Also available on iTunes , CD Baby , Podbean , and other internet outlets.
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Jeff Jones
The House of Jeffness

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