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Say Man...

What I'd like to say

What I’d like to say

I see that the world seems intent on tearing itself to bits , I can see.


Do I have to participate in the world’s way of doing things?

I don’t know how to say it but I just want to talk to you man.

I have no agenda , I don’t want nothing from you except to talk to someone I feel knows how I feel.

I think you know cause we have come a ways on this road.

What I heard from you has been kind peaceful and constructive.

Please continue.

You are showing the world that other things matter besides   what they want us to think about.

Your courage of conviction is inspiring   ,   even if you don’t get liked.

I guess what I mean to say is thanks for being and doing you.

And now if you will send again the peace signs, that the world may know that we still want peace.

And send the eyes of the children that I may find hope.

Send some pics of your hood  , how do you do it in your world.

Your opinion does matter.

With your opinion you can reshape the world.


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