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Open Letter to the Pres

Open Letter to The President

February 2 2018


After an in depth review of the problems and concerns of the people I must report to you that the state of mind of the vast majority is hopelessness and despair.

People are concerned that the nation has forgotten that the needs are many have gone unheard for so long many have stopped hoping for a better future.

Our streets are filled with people who feel that the system does not work for them so they just give up all hope for change.

A way must be found that will help people transition back into society again.

These are humans who need and deserve help.

They had homes jobs dreams and aspirations that have died because they nothing happening for them.

Many are starving and dying.

Instead of being forgotten these people could be harvested as productive workers who contribute to society.

Also, it would be helpful to remember that America is a nation of immigrants.

Your own family came here from Europe hoping to find a better life.

Today’s   immigrants deserve the same opportunity.

Our old concept of borders has to change.

Gas fumes travel everywhere.

It is time to put forward an agenda that includes policies that put the common good of all the people ahead of the good of a tiny fraction of our people.

It is my sincere hope that you will put forward such an agenda with all deliberate speed.

We cannot afford to lose one more person.

In my survey sir, I found that the majority of people livin on the street were Dark.

They had nappy hair.

Little to wear, even in winter.

By contrast I found no beautiful   blond , blued females among them.

Perhaps we should consider why.


Jeffery W. Jones

President of The People’s People

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