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Open Letter to the Pres.

Open Letter to the President

Subject: violence in America

A grass roots report

The findings of our study clearly indicate the country is experiencing

an unprecedented era of extreme stress and anxiety.

Science reports that people who from childhood felt unloved or uncertain  ,developed into individuals with poor self control and aggressive behavior.

In our study we further find that a sense of not fitting in , feeling left out of society , or feeling that there is no hope of ever seeing change, makes people act irrationally.

People report a feeling of despair because the leaders who should be leading us all to a brighter day cannot point the way.

Instead they see fighting over points as if it were a game, this seems to be the only interest of our leaders.

One person expressed a feeling of being on a runaway bus with no driver.

The people need to be given a vision that we can all agree on working on this problem with patience and great compassion.

Not fighting like children to see who will be king of the hill.

If a preacher leaves the pulpit to engage in fights with the congregation , the church will soon fall in on itself

Our church is falling.

People express a feeling of not knowing if they will ever have a chance to succeed.

Will I get an education ,will my job be there in future ,can I feed my kids and live in a decent home.

Is there any way to feel safe when going out for the normal business of living.

Rats when subjected to much stress over long periods of time

Turn on each other , and kill.

Are we no better than rats on a sinking ship?

People who feel this way want to leave the society that gave no emotional support.

And take someone with them.

Conclusion: We must model the behavior we wish to see from our people.

Recommendation: Leaders should disagree agreeably seeking compromise for the sake of all the people.

Someone must be a person of calm steady leadership willing to lead the way back to being caring peaceful citizens.

I submit this report to you in hope that you may decide to be the one.

In the final analysis it seems that you have been elected to play this part.

Calmly lead us out of the darkness…into the light.

Jeffery W. Jones



The People’s People




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