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Mommie's Stone Soup

Mommie’s Stone Soup



When I was a child I lived in a small place in the projects of a big city ghetto.

We were very poor and often went without or very little.

I remember being hungry once and a while.

Looking in the cabinet I could find nothing that could be put together into a meal.

Mommie knew that she had to put something on the table to feed five kids.

I saw no way that this could be done, but in the hands of loving mother anything can be made to taste good.

I called what  she made “Stone soup”.

I thought that she must have used stones as a base for this soup because I saw no way to make a pot of food out what she had to work with, but she did.

Now that she has gone home to glory, I often take this as a reminder that even in times of lack we can take what little we have and make something beautiful.

Mommie taught me how to survive.

She is still in my heart and mind as I try to do the very best I can with what I have.

Thanks Mommie for teaching me that .

With all my love Jeff.

Jeff Jones


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