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Hope for the world

There is hope for the world

It has occurred to me that we are looking at the problems so much we forget the everyday miracles happening all around us.

I was standing in line to pay for some food when I was told  my card did not work.

I stood there kind of stunned.

Money was in the account.

The clerk tried three times.

Just as I was going to leave a woman standing behind me said to the clerk “never mind I will pay for his purchase”.

Hand of God.

My daughter Paid my phone bill without looking for a return.

Hand of God.

My sister sent me some money out of the blue.

Hand of God.

The state returned some money they should not of taken in the first place.

 Hand of God.

I got a new contract that has changed my life.

Hand of God.

The youth are marching on Washington.

Hand of God.

Things are bad right now , but if we stop looking to the people who should be leading , and see the miracles that God sends us everyday…

The world will look filled with hope.

Jeff Jones

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