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Say Man...

Dears Ones

Dear Ones

Let not your hearts be saddened by these troubled times.

We have traveled so far for so long on this journey.

So hard has been the road.

Together we have seen ups and downs and all the way arounds.

We fall ,then rise, and soon realize that no matter how far away the end may seem we will reach the goals of our souls with love to spare.

They may hurt us, and desert us , but still we find eachother on the same road.

The road our mothers and fathers told us we would see.

The selves they told us we would be.

We are.

Tough though your road may be, know that I believe in your resilience.

Our pockets may sometimes be empty, but let our hopes remain high.

Century after century we pass along the wisdom that no power on earth can take from us.

It is the knowledge that we shall persevere.

Sometimes down, but never out.

We will always be.

Let your light shine bright against the darkness.

Just Be.

Jeff Jones

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