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Say Man...

Could not find home

Could not find home

As I reached the summit of the last hill I had to climb , I wondered , with all that had gone before, each defeat, each victory, every demon and dragon perhaps I had earned the right to rest.

I laid down my sword and shield and sat down to think about where to go from here.

No stranger to battle, I knew that the end of each fight , was only the beginning of the next.

This time something felt different.

I could always tell before in which direction to charge.

Now, nearing the end of my journey, I could see no new objective.

I began to feel that my part in this adventure was coming to a close.

As I sat thinking about my life it occurred to me that perhaps it was time for me to turn at long last for home.

Home, a place so distant in my memory it was hard to remember.

In the midst of the struggle my mind was always on the next challenge to be overcome.

Now I felt that I had lost my since of purpose.

I have the victory. Now what?

A still small voice said to me ,”GO HOME.”

I left the field to those who would continue the struggle, and started the long journey home.

Over the river and yes thru the woods I went back to where it all began so many long years ago.

It all had come full circle.

Nearing the places I knew from my youth I felt peace.

Thinking that not much had changed I prepared to see the sights and sounds I remembered so very well.

 It seems that time waits for no one.

In the years that I was on my own journey the people and places I thought to see had all disappeared.

There was no going back. Life moves ever forward for all of us.

I traveled to where I had started from, but there was no place called home.

It had melted into the past.

I could not find home.

Perhaps I can stay here with you.









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