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Say Man...

After A While

As I walked alone beside the waters edge it crossed my mind that if I had some one to share this with, my life would be so much better than it is now.


I would like to talk about my dreams and hopes with someone who would care, and share what has always remained unspoken.


After a while, when our fears have been put to rest,and we feel that the trust so important to sharing real feelings has been realized,then will I speak of love.


After a while when your eyes have gazed into my soul so deeply that you can tell me what my heart has to give,but will not until all the fear is gone.Then will I speak of love.


To walk,to talk,to share feelings about life's ups and downs,is what we all want and need,but somehow seems very hard to find.


The things we bring from our past may hold the key to lasting happiness in the future, once we feel that we can be open,real,and giving.


After a while when our hearts speak one to another,without the need for words,then will our lives begin the journey toward complete bliss.


As I walk beside the water longing,feeling,praying that this time we will get it right.This time love will make us whole.As I contemplate these things and more,I hope that someone will be you.


After a while.



c jeff jones 2008

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