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Say Man...

A conversation with my Father

A conversation with my Father

Well dad in the time that has passed since you left this world you have taught me may things.

I did not know why you placed so much value on principles.

It all seemed so hard to understand then.

Now, as I am nearing the end of my own road the lessons you taught now ring true.


When I was riding to the lumber yard to learn about how to build a house because you made me go, I had no idea that you were preparing me to build my own.


As I was riding to get materials for my own house, I suddenly remembered how you told me knowing how to use principles would help me make better decision in every area of my life.


When I receive a compliment on some design I implement

I always tell people how you taught me the principles to use to find the best way to drive toward success.

So, now as the project nears completion I celebrate all the time that you took to instill these things in me

Wednesday says that you were smiling down from heaven all along.

I feel you too….Love you MAN.

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