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I was born in Fort Wayne Indiana in 1952.
Shortly afterward we moved to Gary Indiana where I first went to school.
One of my earliest remembrances is of being in the yard of my house as the high school marching band practiced playing while marching.
That was the most exciting thing I had ever seen.
I made up my mind that when I was old enough I would be in the band too.
My family seeing how badly I wanted to play put together $75.00 to buy a used alto sax from a pawn shop to get me started.
I could not afford lessons so I taught myself the fingerings and learned the rest by ear.
I did get in the band
I had my first gig when I was 11 years old in my first band called the Melody Masters we were named by the accordion players father who paid us .75 cents each.
In the early sixties I moved to Seattle to with my dad.
There I joined a band called the Majestics..
I also lead the stage band and was drum major of the marching band.
Around 1969 having a new wife and expecting a baby, I joined the Army.
I wasn’t much of a soldier but when the army found out I was a musician I was given special duty to put together a band to entertain the cats at the clubs on base.
After that I was discharged to Oakland California.
I liked it and decided to stay.
I studied at Alameda , Laney, and , and U.C. Berkeley.
My influences Have been people like the great Harry Carney baritone sax star for Duke Ellington who I met back stage after they played.
I asked who I should listen to and he said get a copy og patterns for improvisation by Oliver nelson , and the thesaurus of scales.
In 1974 I founded The People’s People as a way to raise the visibility of those in need and those who seek to meet that need.
In 1978 The people’s People Present “The Spirit of David album was recorded by The voice of the people record company.
We will shortly be announcing the rerelease date of this 40th anniversary edition of this historic album.
The problems faced by homeless people we wanted to help then have grown in number and still need our assistance.
If you can think of ways that artists and the community can come to together to work on the injuctice we see daily please contact me.

Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones

Tenor saxophonist,composer,producer,director

Jeff jones founded "The People's people",and "The Voice of the people publishing company in 1974 in an effort to contribute aid to people without a voice,by way of music and the arts.

With the release of the first recording of original music composed by Jeff entitled "The People's People Present "The spirit of David" in 1976,Jeff began the free concert series "Jazz In The Park" in Oakland,Ca.

In 1978 a book of poetry and prose was published by Vantage Press New York,and "The Voice Of The People Publishing company.

This book contained the works of Jeff Jones in a volume entitled "Things I've Thought and Often said",or "The Ghetto survival handbook".

Also in 1978 Jeff Jones was featured in the Anthology Of american Poetry,
again published ny Vantage Press New York.

In 2006 Jeff Released "THe House Of Jeffness" published by The Voice Of The People Publishing Company.

This CD is now available on iTunes,CDbaby,New Artists online,indiecentric,indie 911,,and playpay

Many internet radio stations worldwide are playing this CD daily,and offers to air a dvd have been received from TV stations including NPR stations nationwide

Today Mr. Jones continues to inform and entertain,and is currently seeking ways to find and promote new artists.

Jeff Jones